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Visit Peniche: What to See, Do, Tours and Experinces in Peniche

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Peniche mixes its heritage, tradition and waves very well. Here you can enjoy history and nature at the same time.

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If you want to explore our region better we have some tours so that you can have fun while you are here.

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Have you heard of Bilros's income? Now we have workshops that allow you to learn a little more about this Peniche tradition.

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Follow everything about the city with our blog. From stories to cultural agenda through heritage.

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Tours in Peniche

Obidos Medieval Tales and Secret Spots

Obidos Medieval Tales and Secret Spots is one of the ways to visit the village in a fast and at the same time

to meet theheritage and history.

Historical Caldas da Rainha Tour

Besides having what is considered the oldest Thermal Hospital in the world, and the D. Carlos I Park, which is certainly a treasure to be discovered, this is your opportunity.

Take advantage of your free time to book our Historical Tour.

Nazaré Giant Waves & Traditions

Legends, stories and traditions are all part of our guided tour! But not only that, we will also pass by the Shrine of Nazaré and much more.

Book your tour today and get to know the best of Nazaré.

Alcobaça & Batalha Monasteries

These two UNESCO landmarks in Portugal are two architectural treasures that hold stories you'll want to know.

Book your guided tour to these two historic monuments.

Fátima, the path of Faith

This is a way for you to visit not only the Sanctuary but also to discover the whole complex, and even the place in Valadinhos where the three little shepherds grew up. Join us

at Fátima, the path of faith  and discover their stories.

Bordaliana Route Tour

It's a guided tour through the streets of Caldas da Rainha, where we will show you the 20 pieces that make the route.

Discover Bordallo Pinheiro and the pieces that make up the  Route.

UNESCO Magic Triangle

Join us on this adventure to explore these wonders of Portugal in one day! Discover the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha, as well as the Convent of Christ on this guided tour.

Book your tour and  visit these UNESCO monuments.

Birdwatching at Óbidos Lagoon

Are you a fan of Birdwatching? Do you like nature? Book your experience today

and visit the amazing lagoon.

Crossing Óbidos Lagoon

This is the ideal experience for those who love nature and boating! Excellent for families or as a couple.

Book your experience today and do this lovely picnic.

Team Building in Peniche

Óbidos Escape Room

Escape Room Óbidos - The Dark Ages is a unique activity set in a medieval castle

where the aim is to ensure the group's unity.

Caldas Escape Room

Book this Caldas Escape Room - The Alchemist's Mystery,

an immersive adventure with the city as its game board..

Cooking Masterclass

Our Team Building Cooking Masterclass - will bring your team together in the kitchen

Around pots and pans.

Wine Tasting

Our Team Building Wine Tasting brings the company and its employees together for a

unique event on a traditional farm in the West region.


Our Team Building Pottery - Get your hands dirty will introduce

you to one of Portugal's most beautiful traditions.


Our Team Building Design and Creativity brings various challenges

that will put the team's creativity to the test.

Quizz Games

Our Team Building QUIZZ GAMES - In the end only one can win is a set of questions and

challenges designed with interaction in mind.

Murder, she wrote!

Our Team Building Murder, she wrote! Mixes the fun

of solving a crime and dinner at the same time .


Our Team Building Mixology takes us to spaces with history and joy

to mix products with local tradition in the West Coast region.

Visit Peniche and our Silver Coast


The village of Obidos is considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal. Between the castle walls, its churches and picturesque streets. Here everything is a charm.

Discover the village of Obidos


A picturesque village leaning against the Atlantic Ocean where giant waves are the gateway, but traditions still mark their time.

Explore with us Nazare

Caldas da Rainha

City recognized for its thermal waters and popular pottery by master Bordalo Pinheiro.

Find out on this page all about Caldas da Rainha


House of the Monasteries of Santa Maria and Cós but also of the conventual sweets that you can find there.

Discover more about Alcobaça