São Leonardo Church


São Leonardo Church

The São Leonardo Church in Atouguia da Baleia is an exceptional example of religious architecture that you can find throughout the municipality of Peniche.

São Leonardo is the patron of the historic village of Atouguia da Baleia and for that reason it was named after the main religious temple of this historic village.

Also designated as Atouguia da Baleia Parish Church, the Church of São Leonardo, is an imposing Gothic, Manueline and Mannerist temple, whose construction began in the 13th century, being one of the oldest local heritages and one of the most representative testimony of historical importance. Atouguia da Baleia, over the years.

According to legend, the church was built using the bones of a whale that had hit the coast at that time.

A Whale Bone

It is also possible to contemplate some of these bones, exposed inside the church, which in themselves are an attraction and deserve to be looked at carefully.

The Tomb of D. Álvaro Gonçalves Ataíde, 1st Count of Atouguia, and an important personality related to the distinguished history of Atouguia da Baleia also deserve special attention.

It also deserves your attention, a crib attributed to the Machado de Castro School of the 17th century, among other gems that you will certainly have the opportunity to confirm.

The São Leonardo Church is, for all that mentioned above, a National Monument, classified in 1949, and as it could not be otherwise, it is therefore part of the Route of the Churches of the Council of Peniche.

Don’t forget to include this church in your visit!

In addition to the Church in Atouguia da Baleia is rich in heritage attractions so you can contemplate other points of interest nearby such as the ruins of the Castle, the Cruise or the Pillory, all with connections to the magnificent past of Atouguia da Baleia.

Religious celebrations take place every Sunday at 11:20am.

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