Peniche Annual Events

Peniche todo o ano!

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Peniche Annual Events

Peniche All Year!

Peniche Annual Events are spread over the four seasons of the year.

These events are also a way to discover a municipality that tries to preserve its origins and, at the same time, project the future.

From art to culture and festivities to gastronomy, throughout the year it is possible to find several events that promote the municipality and the community.

Embark on this plethora and get to know each of these events better, scrolling through the articles using the arrows above and below.



Carnival Corsicans are a tradition and are part of the mandatory calendar of Peniche Annual Events.

During all these days of revelry, many Corsicans invade the city center!

Between schools or night-time Corsicans the party is always guaranteed, be it cold or not!

In addition to this street-facing urban version, it is customary for the various local authorities to hold their own parties!

Come and be also the King or Queen of Carnival in our city.

Soup Festival

February and June

Since 2014, and in a double annual dose, Peniche has promoted the Soup Festival, an event where soups are the main dish, whether the typical Peniche, fish and seafood soups, be it stone and cod soup or the most traditional broth soups green and soup.

The soups are made by Parish Groups, restaurants and individuals in the city of Peniche, with the event being organized in collaboration with the Parish of Peniche and the City Council of Peniche.

But as in any gastronomic festival, there is always a guest of honor, in this case soups, but to this most dignified guest are added other delicacies no less appetizing, such as mussels and octopus salad, typical gizzards or roasted chorizo between many other flavors not to be missed in these four days (two in February and two in June) when the excitement and satisfaction of the stomach are guaranteed.

Summer Festival


In Peniche, Carnival has two moments and the second takes place in the middle of summer, filling the local bathing season with more animation, more color and much more fun.

The extras are joined by music, joy, fraternization, in a nutshell, revelry.

The event is organized by the Municipality of Peniche and the commission of carnival groups that guarantee the success of the event.

International Bobbin Lace Show


Bobbin Lace is an artistic characteristic of Peniche, being one of its most traditional pride and one of the most anticipated moments, as far as Annual Events are concerned.

The event aims to highlight and value the female lacemaker, as well as the art of making bobbin lace and its techniques and applications. Not being an exclusively local art, more than one hundred local lacemakers are joined by many others, coming from various parts of the planet.

International Handicraft Fair


August is the month of parties and major events such as the International Handicraft Fair.

Organized by MC Eventos in collaboration with the Municipality of Peniche and the Volunteer Firefighters of Peniche, the fair takes place in the courtyard of the latter institution.

With free entry and lasting 15 days, the International Handicraft Fair is one of the most attractions of the bathing season in Peniche, open from 2:00 pm to midnight during the week and from 11:00 am to 12:00 am at the end of -week.

You will certainly agree that you have no excuse for not going there.

Feasts of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem


The beginning of August hosts the Festivities of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, which consist of an evening procession of about 20 boats.

Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem is the patron saint of fishermen, hence the festival schedule will hold this event that aims to honor one of the main local traditions, fishing and fishermen.

The procession opens the parties that take place in the following days.

In addition to the great entertainment typical of these popular events, there is also the sardine and blessing of the fleet, other highlights of these celebrations.

Rip Curl Pro Portugal Peniche

When it comes to surfing, Portugal deserves prominence for its waves, beaches and climate, when it comes to the world surfing circuit it is Peniche that stands out on the national surf map.

Peniche is the stage by nature for the best surfers in the world and you will certainly not want to miss the opportunity to see them up close and delight the crowd with the most incredible maneuvers.

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal Peniche event takes place at the end of October and is the reason for authentic pilgrimages by thousands of surf enthusiasts who invade the supertubos beach so as not to miss a pinch of this event that has already become a brand image of Peniche , being one of its highlights of Peniche Annual Events.